At Hive we care about the environment and the responsible care of bees.

Bees are very important in our daily lives, without them we run out of food, so it is essential to take care of them and respect them. 

Our planet is our home and it is crucial to take small actions that make a difference in taking care of it.

The Bees

Since the beginning, Hive adopted biodynamic and sustainable practices with the bees inside our apiary.

The honey used for Hive's products is 100% pure as the bees are not fed with food supplements (sugary water) as other beekeepers do to increase the production.

Once a year, honey is extracted from the hives, leaving enough food for the bees to have for the upcoming year.
The sustainable practices used in the Hive apiary give added environmental value to our honey and our products.



The packagings used for all Hive products is 100% recyclable.

The Rebel Honey Hair Oil uses glass containers, a 100% recyclable material, as well as recycled paper boxes.


Bottles made with PET plastic will be introduced for the upcoming products of the Anti-Frizz Therapy product line, a 100% recyclable plastic.



Through Hive's social media platforms, we seek to promote the importance of saving bees and the environment.

Hive has released other environmentally sustainable products for a limited time only to give others the opportunity to help save the environment.