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In 2015 my family bought a box of bees to produce pure honey only for our family consumption. Amazed by the natural benefits and how delicious the honey we produced was, the bees began to reproduce, increasing the amount of honey we had available for us. Over the years, the bee population grew and we had enough honey to sell.

This is how we started to sell 100% pure honey to friends, who motivated me to start a brand of 100% pure honey. In 2019, during my last year of college, the Hive Honey brand was born and since the beginning, I knew I wanted to make it grow.

Since I was a little girl, I always loved taking care of my hair. I used to buy products that helped me hydrate and eliminate frizz. After learning about the benefits of using 100% pure honey on your hair, I dared to experiment by creating a hair oil with a key ingredient I had at my disposal.

This is how Hive was born with the purpose of providing natural benefits to all hair types, from eliminating frizz to providing hydration, shine, nutrition, softness, and protection.

Hive is a 100% Guatemalan brand that seeks to innovate and provide natural alternatives to anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of using the 100% pure honey from the Hive apiary on their hair.


Hive seeks to become a leader in the beauty industry in the region, and seeks to raise awareness about the importance of saving the bees and the environment through it sustainable practices and through the use of recyclable packagings.

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